You can purchase your ticket to a workshop by filling in our form online. Your place will then be confirmed via email and an invoice will be sent. 
All participants must be over the age of 21 at the time of the workshop.
Provided there is space on the workshop, all participants over the age of 21 will be accepted. We do not discriminate or work on an application only procedure. No matter what level you are at, everyone is welcome on our workshops.
You must ensure that your personal information inputted into the form matches that of the information found on your passport. Any errors will incur a charge from the airline before you can fly, which you are liable to pay. Your passport must have at least 6 months before the expiration date at the time of the workshop or you may not be permitted to fly. We are not liable should the airline decide you are unable to fly and no refund will be granted.
All participants must hold a British passport or be in possession of an applicable visa for the country of the workshop. We do not organise visas and are not liable should you be denied entry to the country of the workshop. In this instance, no refund will be given.

Payment is due within 7 days of your invoice being sent to you. All payments must be made in full to secure your ticket. Payment can be made via debit or credit card or bank transfer. The link to pay for your ticket can be found on your invoice.
If full payment is an issue, please contact us to discuss options.

Refunds & Cancellations
All tickets are non-refundable as your flight and accommodation is booked in your name. If you are no longer able to attend, you may re-sell your ticket to another participant but if your workshop includes flights, you will be liable to pay the airline amendment fee. If you wish to re-sell your ticket to another participant, please contact us as soon as possible.
Refunds will not be provided if you purchase your ticket but do not attend.

All participants are required to hold their own travel insurance that covers themselves for the duration of their workshop. We may ask to see proof of policy.
All participants are also required to hold their own public liability insurance before attending our workshops. We may ask to see proof of policy.
Please rest assured that all our workshop leaders also hold their own public liability insurance and travel insurance.
We recommend that all equipment or materials that you bring with you on a workshop is fully insured as we are not liable in the event of damage or theft. It is your responsibility to ensure your equipment is safe at all times.
We are not a travel agent but we will book our trips with reputable companies that are ATOL protected.

Conduct during Workshops
While on a workshop you are always representing Run Wild Elopements and so must conduct yourself in a respectable manner. We reserve the right to refuse your attendance on a workshop or blacklist you from future workshops should your conduct be considered unacceptable.
We will not tolerate any threatening or abusive behaviour towards our workshop leaders, models, or other participants.
While we are happy for participants to enjoy alcohol with meals and as part of the group bonding experience, participants do so at their own risk and to a moderate level. Under no circumstances should any participant be under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances while shooting.
We have a zero-tolerance policy on the use of recreational drugs at any time during our workshops. If any attendees are on prescription medication that may impair their judgement, they are to inform a workshop leader before travel as this will need to be risk assessed.
All our flights and accommodation are non-smoking. Smokers are permitted to smoke in designated smoking areas at the airport, accommodation and during the tours and shoots. Smoking participants should always be respectful to all those attending the workshop and adhere to the smoking policies of the country in which our workshop is in. Smoke breaks will not be planned into the schedule and so you will need to arrange these yourself at an appropriate time.


We reserve the right to amend itineraries as necessary if outside companies such as tour operators, hotels or airlines require us to. Dates will not change without prior communication with all booked participants but please note that shoot locations may change to those advertised if necessary. You will be sent a final itinerary before the workshop start date.

Crediting and Intellectual Rights
The copyright of any images or video taken during our workshops belong to the photographer or videographer that shot that particular image/video and they should always be credited when used.
When an image or video that was shot during our workshops is used, Run Wild Elopements should always be credited as well as the credit list that will be sent to you for that particular shoot.
We love for you to share any images you take on our workshops with us as we love to feature them on our website and social media accounts although this is not compulsory and the images will always remain your own.
HMUAs and models will be sent a gallery of images for their own portfolio use following the workshop. This may include images from numerous photographers/videographers but we will ensure you know who to correctly credit.
You may use any images taken during our workshops in your portfolio and/or to promote your services on social media, publications or advertising, provided the correct credits are used.

Photographers & Videographers
Prior to each shoot you will be sent a list of recommended equipment to bring with you on the workshop from our photography workshop leader. This will just be accessories such as tripods for long exposure shots or lens recommendations. You should shoot on your own equipment that you are comfortable with no matter what make/model that may be. We will not provide any photography equipment and you must bring your own.

Prior to each shoot you will be sent a list of recommended products to bring with you on the workshop from our HMUA workshop leader. This will just be recommendations. You should work with your own products and equipment that you are comfortable with. We will not provide any hair and makeup products, or equipment and you must bring your own.

You are responsible for all of your equipment at all times and must make sure that your equipment is appropriately insured. We are not liable for any damage or theft.

Health & Safety
All our workshops are fully risk assessed by our Planner. The risk assessment will be shared with you prior to the workshop and you are required to follow the steps listed to mitigate risk.
A trained first aider will be travelling with us on all workshops with a full first aid kit to attend to minor injuries and be the first response for emergencies. In the unlikely event of a life-threatening incident, please immediately call the local emergency service number (provided to you before travelling) before contacting the first aider.
If you have any long-term or ongoing illnesses or injuries, are on any medication or have any access requirements please do inform us as soon as possible so that we can put measures in place to ensure your safety. Some workshops will require a good level of fitness due to remote locations and so if you have any access concerns, please do contact us before booking. We will always do our best to accommodate everyone where possible.
As mentioned previously, all participants should have their own travel insurance which covers their medical expenses should they be unwell during our trip.

Flight Regulations & Baggage Allowance
Prior to travelling you will be sent the flight requirements and baggage allowance. You will always have both carry on and in-hold luggage as part of your booking. The weight allowance may vary, and this will be communicated to you before travelling.
You must always follow the airline’s policies. We are not liable if you are unable to fly and this includes making sure you are medically eligible to fly. No refund will be given if you are deemed unable to fly by the airline.
Even for domestic flights you must bring your valid and in date British passport or passport with the correct visa for the country we are travelling to.

Postponement & Cancellation
Should there be any act of God or reason beyond our control as to why the workshop must be postponed or cancelled, we will work with our airline and accommodation provider to either reschedule or refund your tickets, although we cannot guarantee this as this is a third party decision.
Run Wild Elopements make no profit from our workshops, we travel collectively to gain collective creative content and share our knowledge and skills. Therefore, should a situation out of our control arise, we are bound by the airline and accommodation provider’s policies and cannot guarantee refunds, although we will work as hard as possible to get you one.
Should we at Run Wild Elopements make the decision not affected by the airline, accommodation provider or act of God, to cancel a workshop, we will provide a refund to all participants.
Should any of our workshop leaders be unable to attend a workshop, we will always replace them with a new tutor of equal experience and knowledge for that workshop.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy
Your personal information provided by you when you complete an application to attend our workshops is only shared with those that are required to have this information for the workshop (e.g workshop leaders, airline, accommodation, tour guide). We will never share your contact details without your prior consent. Your information is stored in a password protected electronic folder and used only to provide our workshops. All personal information is shredded and securely disposed of after 2 years.
For information on how we use your data please see our Privacy Policy on our website.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions, as necessary. In this event, we will forward the new Terms & Conditions to you as soon as reasonably possible.